Thursday, 14 August 2014

Orchesterkonzert, Philharmonia Orchestra - Christoph von Dohnányi - Salzburger Festspiele

Performance 7th August

My first concert of this year's festival had Strauss and Bruckner on its programm. The first half featured Camilla Tilling (jumping in for Eva Maria Westbroek who was sick) singing Strauss' four last songs. The second half was fully dedicated to Bruckner's 9th symphony in the fragmental (3 movements) form. The Philharmonia Orchestra played very delicatly, colorful and convincingly. Christoph von Dohnányi conducted very elegant and made me hear parts in the songs that I never heard before. Especially the last two songs (Beim Schlafengehen & Im Abendrot) were performed  very professional by the orchestra.
Camilla Tilling, who I already heard as Sophie in Der Rosenkavalier in Munich, sang with very delicate and beautiful voice but had some problems to be heard over the orchestra (although I think they already played more quiet). Her voice just seemed to not have the power to exceed the orchestral part which was a pity because she really sang incredibly beautifully. Nevertheless it was very nice to hear someone who at least is able to sing the lines appropriate even though the stamina might not be the best for those songs.
During the second half the orchestra did not have to show consideration to anyone and that was perfect. The big outbreaks during the first two movements were played with enormous power but still not "just" loud. The themes very played very clearly and the dynamic bandwith was very impressive. Especially the Scherzo was really imposing with the almost brutal rhythmical passages. The final movement was played very delicate and was a appropriate compensation for the missing fourth movement.
All in all the performance might not have been perfect but was undoublty very good. I would give the concert 7 stars.
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