Saturday, 24 January 2015

Ludwig van Beethoven, Sinfonie 9 d-moll - Salzburger Neujahrskonzert, Großes Festspielhaus

Performance 1st January

As first concert of the new year I decided to see the new year's concert in Salzburg. After some music from Bizet's Carmen (and a Carmen-fantázia from Jenö Hubay) we heard Beethoven's opus magnum: his ninth symphony with the famous final choir passage "Ode an die Freude" with Schiller's text.
Florian Krumpöck conducted the Philharmonie Salzburg, the Mozartchor Salzburg and the Talentum Chor Budapest. He conducted very intensively and literally jumped around on stage to get what he wants from the orchestra. I would say that they did a fine job with no bigger issues and I really had a lovely afternoon listening to them.
As soloist we heard Sophie Gordeladze as soprano with a suprisingly strong but still very delicate voice, Christa Ratzenböck with a strong mezzosoprano Kurt Azesberger with a powerful tenor with a youthful timbre and Andreas Scheibner as a baritone with exemplary diction!
As I said I had a very lovely afternoon and so I give the performance 7 stars.
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